A few years ago I found myself out-of-balance while living through a hectic time in my life. Work became excessive, my diet was insufficient, my yoga practice was being ignored, I was experiencing a lot of changes in my love life, and it had been two years since I had seen my family in Guatemala. At some point I began to reflect on the need for change, but because of the many things that I had on my mind at that moment I couldn’t find the right path to take. Then I remembered that a while ago I was thinking about becoming a life coach, so I thought that going to visit a life-coach myself was a good idea.


During my sessions I had a clear idea of how to redirect my goals and balance my life again. Life-coaching can help you to create the life that you want, reminding you that there is nothing that you cannot achieve if you are organized, focused, consistent, determined, and compassionate. Life coaching not only helps to redirect you to your purpose, but it also helps to bring more functional love into your life. It is my pleasure now to be able to help others to reach their potential in a balanced and grounded way.

Ana Rodriguez 


Create the life that you want!

Life constantly gives us lessons in different forms, and it is up to us to learn from these lessons or let them pass us by without taking from them the best we can. I like to look at the bright side of everything, but of course sometimes this is not possible while you are living “the lesson”.


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